The Need to Maneuver these Action Cameras

  • Knowing how to maneuver a quadcopter
  • Enhancing the way you present photos with some help from a quadcopter
  • Tutorials on how to fly these action cameres on the web

You have been in the business of photography for so many years. Suffice it to say, you know the ins and outs already in the trade. You have known every gadget already and what type of solutions to do for you to create a stunning if not beautiful picture for your clients.

Image result

But learning how to fly a quadcopter is entirely different from what you have known as far as photography is concerned. These are new gadgets in photography, and learning how to maneuver them at times spells the difference between good and bad photography.

Any serious photographer should learn how to fly a quadcopter. These are mini planes, by the way, that has cameras with it. It improves camera angles, but it offers more than just variety of angles, it increases that dramatic effect in your photo as well.

It is understandable that most old timers would be hard put on using these quadcopters, but there’s really a need for them to learn how to fly a quadcopter. The competition is so great in photography, that those who are left behind need to step up quick for them to stay relevant. And what a sure way to keep tabs with these modern photographers than learning how to fly a quadcopter.

There are instructional materials that you can find online for you to maneuver these action cameras. Tutorial manuals and videos are available on the web, and are quite easy to download, so you can start using these cameras for your photography.

Whether or not your old or new in this business, you should know how to fly a quadcopter, and elevate your photography for the benefit of your business and for the satisfaction of your clients.

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Your Ultimate Photography Site Online

  • An online photography school that offers more than camera prices
  • Comprehensive reviews of photography gadgets from
  • Making a good impression in the photography world by using drones for your photos is classified as a digital photography school. It is not your usual photography shop online where you choose among its long list of cameras, its prices, and all that stuff. With Cameradojo, you will come out an informed photography buyer in the process.

This site offers you the best deals when it comes to cameras, drones and what have you, through discovery. The term “school” alone prepares you to have a comprehensive take of these photography gadgets. So it goes without saying that you eventually discover what type of tools to use and how to use these gadgets for your photography. offers reviews. These write-ups only add variety to your photography experience because it makes you knowledgeable in the long run. Just like attending a school, you will learn, discover, and even study everything that you have read with their intelligent reviews.

So if you are serious about making a big splash in this sea of photographers, making a good impression, nonetheless, especially if photography is your bread and butter, then you better start getting serious about reading reviews from

You have nothing to lose, really, with their reviews, you gain more instead, even as you are informed of the latest trends in photography from these comprehensive pieces. It pays to read reviews from because it is your entry pass to a more complete photography experience.

Check out their reviews about drones or those plane cameras as a start, and you will soon discover that you don’t have to go to some photography school anymore, reading reviews from is more than enough for you to become a photography expert.

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Downloading Adobe Lightroom Wedding Presets

  • Free download of Adobe Lightroom wedding presets on the web
  • Covering all your photo editing needs through Adobe Lightroom
  • Saves time and resources when photo editing via Adobe Lightroom

The idea of using free applications for your wedding photography and still create quality photos in the process is quite astonishing to say the least. That is how these Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free download is offering right now.


You don’t have to spend a lot of cash for you to have the tools you need for the enhancement of your wedding photos. These Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free download is the answer to your needs. All you need to do really is to find that appropriate preset so that you can improve your wedding pics for the enjoyment of your viewers.

So what makes this free download so cool with your photos? Two things: creates a lot of effects on your wedding photos and saves you time and resources while editing it.

Effects Unlimited

Your concern now is to find that perfect preset for your wedding photo. These Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free download can be quite handy because it gives you so many options as to the kind of effect that would suit your individual style and mood. That is quite a privilege if we talk about enhancing your wedding photos.

Time and Resources Saved

Time because it will only take you less than an hour to come up with beautiful photos, saving your resources because all you need to do is scour the web and simply download that preset you think best suits your taste, allowing you to enhance your wedding photos are your own style.

These two features make these Adobe Lightroom wedding presets free download the tool you need to have. It would be quite impossible to create stunning pictures if you use other apps, though, because you already have everything you need with these wedding presets for Lightroom.

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Quick, Simple Steps of Adding Presets to Lightroom

  • Simple steps on how to add presets to Lightroom
  • Incorporating effects on your pictures by adding presets to Lightroom
  • Free, downloadable presets available online for your photos.

Creating these stunning effects on your photos require a bit work, which is, adding these presets to your Lightroom. How to add presets to Lightroom should be your concern before experimenting with these presets on your photo.

Now there may be other ways where you can incorporate these presets into your Lightroom, but we will zero in with the basics. How to add presets to Lightroom, needless to say, is the initial step towards maximizing the potential of your photographs into masterpieces.


Here’s how to add presets to Lightroom:

  • You need to download them first – Get your preferred presets on the web. It is important that you download the preset of your choice or the appropriate preset for your photo.
  • Uncompress them – After locating and downloading these presets, you need to uncompress them so you can use them without any hassle. So there’s a little conversion going on before using these presets.
  • Open Lightroom – After uncompressing these files, now is the time for you to open Lightroom. Navigate and experiment with its tools from its menu bar.
  • You need to consider your Mac, too – If you are using Mac, you can experiment with these presets via its menu bar with Lightroom > Preferences.
  • Click on – Then you can now click that button labelled—Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
  • Find that window – After clicking that button, find that new Finder Window for Mac or Explorer window for Windows, then open that Lightroom folder, after which open that folder–Develop Presets.
  • Copy, paste – Then copy and paste these into that folder
  • Almost done – After copying and pasting it into that folder, you need to restart Lightroom, then you will find these presets under Develop Module (Presets section), found on the left side of your screen.

These are just simple steps on how to add presets to Lightroom 5. Never mind if you find yourself slow at first, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll get your rewards in due time.

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Three Photography Sites that Provides Free and Paid Lightroom Presets

  • Three Photography Sites that offer free and paid Lightroom presets.
  • Lightroom also has its own disadvantages.
  • There are tons of websites that provide free and paid free presets for Lightroom 5 and 6.

With the recent release of Lightroom 6.3, Adobe has indeed gained more loyal fans in the field of photography. With a more convenient and effective interface, new default presets, and features, there’s no wonder why it has remained one of the best and powerful post-processing software in the market across the globe.


However, there’s one part of the program that is missing, like any well-known products, Lightroom also has its own disadvantages which are the qualities of default presets. I don’t have problems with it, it’s just that it doesn’t have enough styles, effects and photographer’s standard. Fortunately, there are tons of websites that provide free and paid free presets for Lightroom 5 and 6 to help you improve the quality of your images. In this article, we will talk about three of the best sites that offer free and paid Lightroom presets.

Although this site is new, it contains a lot of amazing bundles and collections of Lightroom presets. In addition, users can choose to buy the paid presets at an affordable price.

If you’re a professional photographer, you can sign up to their photography bundle which will give you a full and complete access to their site and that includes getting the Lightroom presets for professional photographers.

Creative Market

Creative market is considered one of the biggest and populate online photography shop. Photographers, designers, and artists can freely upload workflows for photographers. They can provide presets, actions and other image filters for free and paid.


This is something new for photographers. As we all know, Pinterest is similar to the other social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). But in today’s modern time, photographers are now using it to pin the best bundles of presets.

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Vintage Photography the Sleeklens Way

  • Lightroom actions from Sleeklens for your vintage photography
  • Purchasing the appropriate “actions” for your vintage photos
  • Saving your images and files through Lightroom’s unique storing system

Are you in the works of enhancing your vintage photos? Then you don’t need to go far and wide for that, Sleeklens offers the best photo enhancing solutions for vintage photography through its Lightroom actions.

Vintage Lightroom actions by Sleeklens is the best of its kind when it comes to enhancing photos with that vintage look. With its collection of actions available online, you need not worry anymore what type of feature to use because there are so many of them and with different degrees of effects.


Check out this one-stop photography shop online when it comes to vintage photography. Sleeklens has its list of presets and brushes, workflows included, for the development and enhancement of such photos.

But why choose Sleeklens, in the first place? What makes it the best photography shop for your photos? Many choose Sleeklens because it enables you to:

  • Choose the appropriate tool from its large stash of Lightroom actions – Vintage Lightroom actions by Sleeklens boasts of having a large number of actions for you to choose when editing and enhancing your photos. The more actions you got, the better chances of you of creating stunning effects on your vintage photography.
  • Stash them, too – Yes, this app allows you to safe keep your images and files too. It has a customized folder or module for you to save your files, without actually using an “external” gadget for it. So it is quite convenient.
  • Improve the quality of your photos like those professionals do – The idea of producing photos the likes of which can only be seen in the works of professional photographers and designers is nothing short of amazing. With vintage Lightroom actions by Sleeklens, too, you will have photos that are world class in its quality.

So these vintage Lightroom actions by Sleeklens gives you additional boost as far as enhancing and posting your vintage photos online. Now, if you are in the works of enhancing your photos with that oldie look, these vintage Lightroom actions by Sleeklens is definitely the solution for it.

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Everything You Need to Know About Graduation Announcements

  • To whom will you send a graduation announcements?
  • Should you receive gifts from guests?
  • Why should you send graduation announcement cards?

We often think that graduation announcements are similar to a graduation party invitation card. But the thing here is, announcement cards are intended to inform your family members, relatives and friends that you are finally graduating from high school.

In some countries like in the United States, making a formal graduation announcement is widely held for both senior high school and college students. These cards can either be ordered from the school or created by the students.


To whom will you send a graduation announcements?

Graduation announcement cards are usually given to families, relatives and friends living abroad because it’s the best way to share the good news and accomplishments student’s have achieved. However, these cards are also given to close family members living in the same city or country.

Basically, these cards, signifies that the students are very proud to announce that finally, they were able to finish high school and college on time and with no difficulties.

Sending graduation announcement cards days or weeks before the event is recommended so that guests will have more time to prepare.

Addressing the Announcement Cards

Basically, creating a traditional graduation announcement card is not easy. You need to have the perfect guide like “seniors in high school graduation templates” from infoparrot. This will help you save a lot of time and effort. These ready-made templates are also designed to help you speed up the entire graduation preparation process.

Receiving Gifts from Guests

This is an important note to remember: Never expect to receive gifts from guests, however, if they insist, make sure to immediately send a thank you letter or notes and let them know that you appreciate their presence a lot.

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Lightroom Tips for Pros

  • Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and popular post processing tool
  • We will focus on giving Lightroom tips for pros.
  • Adobe Lightroom is a non-destructive tool

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and popular post-processing tools in the photography industry today. Despite of the issues and negative feedbacks saying Lightroom is a total replacement of Photoshop, Adobe continues to make the software the most useful and effective editing tool for professional photographers. In this article, we will set aside issues and problems, we will focus on giving Lightroom tips for pros.

Download and Install Lightroom Presets

Several Lightroom users prefer using Lightroom presets for their images. However, because of the pressure and heavy workload, professional photographers don’t have time to create their own smallest action camera presets. The only solution for this scenario is to download and install Lightroom presets for pros online.

How to install presets? Well, after downloading the file, the next thing to do is to unzip the files and they’re good to go. Open Lightroom and go directly to the preset panel and make a new folder, then lastly, click “import” to import downloaded presets.


Check Collections of Mobile Devices

With the newly upgraded Lightroom version, Adobe has allowed professional photographers to synchronize images to their mobile devices. In this way, they can easily modify images through the Lightroom mobile application.

Use External Storage Device

One of the greatest things about Lightroom is that it can store images outside its interface and PC storage. Adobe has allowed users, especially professional photographers to store images using an external hard drive. This also gives them more internal space.

Use JPEG files

Adobe Lightroom is a non-destructive tool which preserves the original file setting of an image. In other words, photographers can save their RAW images as JPEG. How to save JPEG files? Open the file menu of the interface and choose export, this gives you the chance to save image as JPEG.

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Adobe Photoshop Actions’ Strategies For Beginners

  • Adobe Photoshop actions have become a need for most professional photographers.
  • Actions offers a lot of advantages.
  • This article will talk about the three most common benefits of photoshop actions.

Adobe Photoshop actions have become a need for most professional photographers. It is a series of recorded steps of editing which can be played again within the actions palette in Photoshop’s interface. It is one of the surprises of Adobe Photoshop that is not remarked or noticed by some, especially beginners.


Actions offers a lot of advantages and in this article, we will talk about the three most common benefits of photoshop actions. These will also help beginners, who have just started using Photoshop.

User Friendly Interface

One of the greatest advantages of Photoshop and Photoshop actions is its user-friendly interface. It is intended for beginners who doesn’t have enough skills in modifying images manually. With photoshop actions, there’s no need to waste a lot of money for Photoshop paid coaching.

Improve Creative Skills

Another great benefit for beginners is that using Adobe Photoshop regularly can help them improve their creativity and skills in modifying images. They will learn how the entire software works, from creating and recording Photoshop actions to editing images one by one, manually. Of course, beginners can use third-party photoshop actions as a guide and look into the steps on how to create it. Also, by downloading free photoshop actions online, they can explore and learn which tool to use on a certain subject and scenario.

Avoids Repetitive Steps

Basically, dealing with a massive number of images is not easy, they cannot afford to meet the deadline on time. Using Adobe Photoshop’s action can help them avoid doing repetitive steps since all they have to do is to play back the actions to the images.

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